Saturday, November 3, 2007

Love and Her Majesty's Gratitude

"I'm not leaving my submarine without a fight!"

"Yep, they'll never forget the day whats-his-name Rode into Hodunk and set them all straight on that one issue. Or whatever."

Whoah so the king catches you making out with his wife and then you kill him and then you find a guy in a cell that's the real king 'cause the first guy was just an imposter?

And then the Real King and the Guy That Was Making Out With His Wife have a swordfight and the Real King wins and everybody lives happily ever after but the Queen got to make out with two guys.

No, wait, three guys, if you include the imposter.

Man this is a long swordfight shit.

Ah nobody won the swordfight after all that?

The dude who was Making Out With the Queen jumped out a window and swam the moat oh man that is such a typical archvillain rip-off ahaha.

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