Thursday, November 15, 2007

Make It So

When you do a science fiction thing with spaceships, the first thing you gotta do is the whole Warp thing.

What's the fastest speed and your technical mumbo jumbo for it.

How do the engines work, how do they operate.

What fuel do they use.

Your ship is rated on how many Warp Jumps you can do without having to refuel right?

And some ships can refuel in the atmosphere of gas planets or by using the magnetic field of stars or something.

And some ships have those Solar Sails so they can sail even when they're out of fuel, so you can freeze yourself and sleep until the ship pulls itself into an orbit somewhere where it can recharge.

You gotta do all that stuff.

Then you make floorplans for the ships and you gotta think about all the crew positions and cargo space and whether or not there's passenger rooms on the ship and stuff, how much upgrading the ship and paying salaries costs and stuff.

And the people that work for him might be getting experience and saving up to buy a ship and run their own operations.

And then there's the planets.

With all the different alien cultures and classic scifi action.

And by classic scifi action I mean lusty amazon women in silver space bikinis shooting lasers.

And superjumping robotic exoskeleton motorcycles.

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