Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Kardashev Scale

Ah, here's the Kardashev Scale junk I was talking about earlier, where you classify civilizations based on the amount of energy they can harness.

My only problem with it is the way we can't predict and categorize energy sources and potential sciences that we don't know anything about yet, which would tend to throw the whole thing on its ass, but its still pretty damn cool that somebody came up with a number for the Earth's Energy Budget and shit heh.

They know how many calories a brain uses per minute while doing a crossword puzzle compared to the juice required to sit and watch an episode of Friends or something too, now all we need to do is tie it all together into one big embarasssing chart of Human Uselessness ahaha.

Naw actually its kinda neat the way they mapped out that we'll be a Type I in 2200 and a Type III in 7800 and all that, I love that kinda junk, even if its probably about as accurate as a Stormtrooper Rifle.

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