Saturday, November 24, 2007


Man this distributed computing SETI thing is cool as hell too, with the way all these guys chipped in and became the second most powerful super computer on the planet.

I love the statistics for this junk, they're like, "all this computing power is causing global warming!" and "FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS OF ELECTRICITY!" and stuff heh.

Meanwhile you KNOW that twice as many people are using their computers to play WoW, so think about the environmental impact and benefits of THAT shit, y'know, the more you play WoW, the higher the ocean gets and the harder it gets to breathe for all the animals and all that ahaha.

Think of what you are doing to the children! AHAHA.

Oh, here's the place you can go to join in on the hunt for kickass Alien TV Shows that'll save us all from the hollywood writer's strike.

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