Sunday, November 11, 2007

Space Cowboy

Y'know how Space Heroes end up, if they live too long?

Where they're like part robot and they got the genetic memories of a symbiote and their brain was once used to host the entire knowledge of the ancients and they've been Ascended Beings but they've come back to life multiple times and had their memories erased but they're still in love with that ghostgirl from the Time Loop That Never Happened?

Y'know how it gets all piled up after a while on one guy like that?

Where your clones and evil twins aren't as scary as you are and more than one of your True Loves has been killed with lasers?

Y'know know what I'm talking about?


Okay, well, I got some questions, then.

Are holographic doctors allowed to vote and stuff?

'Cause that seems kinda weird.

How long are they programmed to live?

Forever with upgrades?

If I used a hologram machine to make a leprechaun, and then I hunted it and killed it and cooked it and ate it, would I get in trouble?

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