Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gay Love Stories

There's all these guys arguing.

They're saying that if you worked at a game company, and they asked you to write a Gay Love Story, some of them would quit, some of them would ask to be reassigned, some of them say they wouldn't even take a job in a place that might ask you to write a Gay Love Story for Money.

So I'm thinking that a guy that could write a really good Gay Love Story would have a distinct advantage hmm.

I think there's a certain amount of respect involved for Gay People when a Straight Guy refuses to write a Gay Love Story.

'Cause I wouldn't refuse to lie about my love for a woman for money and quit my job for it, I'd just go ahead and lie and take the money.

See the difference there is that I think the Gay Guys would know my love story was crap 'cause Gay Guys have good taste in Literature and shit, they're a Discerning Audience, where you can just hold a puppy up to the screen and Everything You Ever Did is Forgiven with the women, y'know, I got a Hard Boiled R&B Formula for that shit.

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