Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Incredible Frogboy

You know what is bad about doing comedy on TV?

You never know what kind of commercials they're gonna play during the commercial breaks.

Well lately its been a mixture of Penis Enhancement Ointments and Genital Herpes Treatments which is an interesting clash of spices even without little squirts of comedy gold in between heh.

But if you are like a new comic and they do that shit to you that's horrible I mean you could be doomed because people are always gonna associate Genital Herpes with you and shit y'know?

See you need somebody smart like me to look out for your best interests baby somebody that'll pimp yer ass out right ahaha.

Its time to listen to a little inspirational music.


Ahaha hellyah goldmine.

This is like mental training for one of the infinite planes of the Abyss this'll toughen you up trust me you need this heh.

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