Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Say D'babydoyouwannalaydownbymyside

New Version of Mustard&Biscuits.

*took away the high level troops I was giving out at start-up now that I tested city sieges and stuff a bit (if you play the game too fast you really have to start cheating for money a lot to pay for upgrading everything)

*made Swadians all sword and board, y'know, no more glaives, I thought it made 'em look too barbaric and they're supposed to be the Advanced Society.

*changed their shields to something better

*gave 'em back their heavy armored horses and gave their recruits crossbows (no more throwing knife guys)

*gave recruits broadswords instead of whatever that broken model dagger or shortsword was that they were using heh

*added cheezy dialogue for all the companions and tavern keepers and other weirdos one finds in taverns for comedic relief (they weren't doing nothing before now heh)

*made them all change locations every 24 hours instead of every 3 days (so you don't have to wait fer that)

*didn't do any dialogue stuff for anybody else (most everybody else already has some dialogue)

*made village upgrades unlimited (don't know if that's a good thing over the long run or not really I've been watching but its sorta hard to tell with the way the entire thing shifts when you conquer a new sytem and the two economies flow together and merge)

*y'know sometimes I add periods on the end of these bullet points and sometimes I don't

*there's prolly some little stuff I did that I don't remember

Man I was playing it and its truly hilarious when Dave gets hit in the head with an arrow and he falls off his horse and does the splits with ragdoll physics, its kinda cheezy physics if you really stare at it, its like Dave's body is made entirely out of water balloons as it gets ejected and bounces down the hillside.

If you get Big Tuna early on he's pretty awesome y'know 'cause he's a Mounted Heavy Machinegun Crossbow Guy who ain't too bad with that broadsword either.

I was making each of us good at a different thing, like OBA is Polearms, Big Tuna is Crossbow, Dave is the Archer, Churchill is Polearm but he's only equipped with that Jousting Lance so hopefully his AI decides to joust more.

Churchill is actually the toughest 'cause at least he comes with some armor he usually survives the first few seconds on the fight (unlike the rest of us who get torn to shreds EVERY TIME man my guy doesn't even come with shoes some of us don't even MAKE it to the enemy line we either get pelted off our horse by arrows or our horse gets shot out from under us and THEN we get pelted to death with arrows heh).

I hope that shit don't work like Electronic Voodoo Dolls or something y'know with like all these people getting electronic sculptures of us pincushioned with arrows all the time and stuff man that will really suck Ole Bald Angus gets knocked unconscious every time I fight anything ahaha.

Dude even our horses have ragdoll physics they call it the "jellyhorse physics" AHAHA MAN there's a lot of planets that you could have been born on where the aliens never think up anything cool like THAT now I mean C'MON you gotta give us hairless carnivorous apes some CREDIT for THAT shit AHAHA.

Hang on I'll upload it and do the links.

Its kinda funny I got all these bullet points but it seems like I spend all my time looking through my own shit for typos ahaha.

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