Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mechanical Breath Tubes

The last things I messed with was making the different kinds of upgrades for villages increase the productivity of the village.

Every time an upgrade completed (and I made them complete three times faster than they did in Native) it adds a random 0-9 to your villages productivity of certain items related to whatever the Upgrade was, like if you invested money into the Mill, you got more Flour and Bread in the Village Every Day.

I added a Mining thing so you can get your village to produce Iron and Salt.

I'm not totally sure if increasing production of an item will HURT you over the long run but that's the way I got it and I guess the Trick is to try to whip it into the shape I want ahaha.

I made all the Villages produce vegetables and raw materials, and I gave the manufactured stuff to the Big Cities, and then I split things up by Geography, so that Spice and Velvet comes from more villages in the South, and Furs and Iron comes from villages in the North, and I made everybody a little hungry for something so they'll all wanna wrassle with each other for bones in the dust.

That fur-spice thing makes the caravans do the Long Treck through the Noman's Land in the Middle, that's why I can't leave it where each Kingdom is Self Contained and produces exactly as much of every item as it needs every day, I could set the economy to that in like two minutes and the only thing I'd see moving are bits of code that found a way to squeek past my roadblocks and destablilize everything heh.

My Cities produce a constant +10 to this and a -30 to that, and those numbers do not fluctuation at all, Cities are like Giant Clockwork Machines, come back in thirty minutes and its still +30 to this and -20 to that, exactly the same way it was the last time you saw it, only now it generated money by collecting taxes as people came to trade with it and while my villagers go up and down with how much they want of everything, the People in the City Walk Up Every Morning the Exact Same Way and Want the Same THINGS in the SAME ORDER Every Day WITH NO CHANGES to ANYTHING 'cause THAT would mean MORE PAPERWORK ahaha.

Yah the funnest thing about this Economy Game Simulation junk is how messed up its Science is 'cause its so 2D with only a little 1960s 3D and Leave It To Beaver 9 Planets Science thrown in there, this Economic Math we're doing is Really Old and Two Dimensional with no Accelerations and Derivatives and stuff, like farmers produce Crops, and farmers trade their Crops in the City for Tools.

Jupitor and Saturn have like thirty moons spinning around 'em nowadays Old Timer.

The Programmer Guy who wrote most of this stuff actually counted how the population fluctuated in that Battle for Sicily Mod, so this thing I did ain't even really half as far as it could go as for adding on to its Already Quite Considerable and Officially Frightening Tee Minus to Launch.

"Welp there's only forty-five minutes to wait before the Big Launch."

"AW man forty five minutes of waiting around here that suhhhcks."

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