Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am like the snake, hypnotizing you with my oogley woogley hypno-eyes.

In Real Life you can't have an economy where everybody gets 20% richer every day.

Or can you?

Eventually some of us are gonna have to be put in Pods because there'll be too many of us and not enough room and being awake will be a luxury item that you have to camp mobs for, and everybody will be bald because Master Control doesn't like wasting his clock cycles on having to clean our hair out of all the nooks and crannies of the Real World, but let's say we had unlimited room or that we put the Bald People Pods on spaceships and sent them to other planets where there'd be more room and we could look at everything from a place outside of the regular flow of space and time like I can with this game I'm fooling with where we only care about when starsystems trade back and forth so the whole "getting there" time is "skippable" since there's no communication.

When I do the economy in this thing at first I made each country its own island, where it produced enough of everything and worked like a biodome, thinking that a fluctuation over time due to npc bandits or a typo or something like a Neo Remainder Problem in my Matrix would cause it to be less predictable than it is and there'd be something they'd want extra, but now I'm just making north side places produce extra iron and south side places produce spice so there'll be a little more cross country trading for spice from the south and iron from the north and it'll make it all dramatic.

The main cities all make tools, pottery, wine, and ale, and need 20% more of everything else.

The suburbs make either linen and velvet or spice/iron and salt, and need 20% more of everything else.

And the villages all produce a 0-9 percent surplus of food and grain and wool and furs and stuff like that.

I think mebbe I need to give my villages a little more than that 0-9 surplus or I'll operate at a perpetual loss until the Big Cities are out of money and food, the villagers need to be a bigger part of the economy than Zero that's for sure what are they a bunch of hillbillies that live Off the Grid in the woods or something?

I need their tax money baby!

I could control how rich a country is by changing how much it produces of something and trying to find the sweet spot where it keeps the price high and doesn't create a surplus.

And then everybody can have a 5% raise and work 5% less every year until they don't have to work anymore haha.

Man this is kinda fun.

I gotta dial things up and down with how much they produce, too, I think 300 is too much, I think I should set it to something like 30 maybe, zero is "produces just enough" and anything less than zero means they need to buy that from outside to have enough for everybody inside.

I gave all the towns -20 in foods (and -20 in wine and ale except Main Cities which made a surplus of 300 heh), and villages and a 0-9 percent surplus of foods and raw materials to trade for manufactured and processed items, and the game was exactly like it was before, except the merchant caravans were making mucho cash like 4000 denar a load and stuff ahaha.

I'm gonna make sure all the villages have at least 9% liquid cash (and get rid of the possibility of some zero sum economy hillbillies ahaha) and lower how much surplus I put on stuff to see if it drives up the money but creating a small perpetual demand.

Oh man there's a Secret Smoked Fish Bonus for the Nords and the Zinn, 'cause they're the only countries with ocean access and they're allied together, I wonder if them having two villages each that produce more smoked fish than usual will actually make them poorer or richer over time ahaha.

Both of the Fish Bonus Villages are tied to the Main City so we'll see who ends up the poorest its gotta be SOMEBODY haha.

I'm gonna make the Rhodok really poor ahaha.

Man if you ride a horse into a pile of my Rhodoks you are dead fricking meat evern with all the cheats on you gotta hit ctrl-h for heals like a madman to survive bad tactics like that.

I jacked up the strength of weapons by reducing armor to the way I remember it in the old days so arrows do a little better, nobody has a 100 hit points and arrows do a pretty heft chunk to a heavily armored guy.

Oh man I made it so you can use sniper crossbows while riding a horse.

Maybe I can make 'em reload as fast as bows, lemme see.

Hey man I like these fights where there's all these arrows flying over my head ahaha.

I wanna change staves to be like a sword so you can swing the stick all ninja style back and forth swishitty shwack.

Hey man I could add smugglers who try to avoid paying taxes that you could kill.

Man I could mess around with the faction of the tower in the middle, or maybe make a rich and highly contested city there in the middle instead of just a castle.

I can't add more castles I don't think, 'cause I'd need to add more villages, and I don't got any more slots for the merchants that make villages run.

I'd have to get rid of four kinds of bandits or something to add two castles and two villages.

Maybe I could get rid of all the king's wives, I don't use that family code for anything, I dunno if it cares if it don't work, there's like 18 wives or something I could get rid of, then I could add a village and castle to each corner and have a few left extra ahaha.

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