Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Character Creation Sucks

Alright I'm going back through my Character Creation thing and fixing it up, making sure everybody has the right starting equipment.

And I got to decide how much money and starting items to give to everybody for the different choices.

So I give the Vaegir Monks 10 denar, which is just enough money to commit a horrible sin in the Arena by making the smallest wager allowed.

And I took away their shoes and their gloves so they have to walk in the snow barefoot just like Grampa says He Had To and they have to carry that iron staff of theirs with their bare hands.

I figure that's how their grim god would start them out ahaha.

I let 'em keep their Green Woolen Stoner Lumberjack Caps to show them that I am a Benevolent God.

Plus you need a hat to protect your head with all those people throwing rocks in my game trust me ahaha.

Man that reminds me I gotta increase the damage rocks do when you get pelted with one heh.

Whatever, going back to my main thing, I gave the Nords 20 denar, which is enough for them to lose a bet and still laugh but not enough for them to still laugh and buy a buy so they better win the next bet AHAHA.

And I gave the Zinn 6000 denar, because they got Ali Baba's Gold baby, they can make big 1000 denar bets and lose a bunch of times and still have enough money to buy some cheese without having to reload the game like everybody else.

And I gave the Khergits 100 denar, which makes them the Richest of the Barbarians, the Lords of the Trailer Park, they can play just like the Zinn, if they pretend 10 denar = 1000 denar, but when it comes times to buy cheese, that's when they feel like they're losing half their money heh.

And I gave the Rhodok 9 denar, which means they'd be Loitering if they go anywhere near an Arena, they don't really have enough money to be evil so they pretty much always go to heaven that's why the Vaegirs like 'em ahaha.

None of this stuff really matters to the game 'cause as soon as you fight some River Pirates you see that I give you like 2900 denar for your part in running along behind the Sword Sisters while they kill them for you but I got to go through this stupid process so I might as well entertain myself with it.

What should I give the Swadians?

I'm gonna give them 600, 'cause then they go around feeling like they're rich until they find out how much the Zinn get and they're all like "shit man if I'm a poor barbarian I shouldn't have to wear tights" and I'm all like "nope too bad so sad you have to wear de Woolen Hose its a Rule" and then I laugh ahaha.

There, I'm done with that.

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