Friday, October 12, 2007

What About Purple

If you are red-green color blind, then what does the color orange look like to you?

Haha I'm just kidding you can't actuallly explain it to me because you are all defective and shit.

It must be really weird to eat gray-colored fruit all the time though, y'know?

Although I guess its not weird to you, because you've been eating that gross-ass gray fruit your whole life.

Oh wait, I'm getting it messed up.

Grass is the same color as blood to you guys, its not all shades of gray.

Yah see I was trying to think of apples and limes being different shades of the same color and I got messed up.

Hey man, its really hard to imagine it that way, y'know?

That's why I used that grayscale crutch there for a second.

Whew, so, I guess gray fruit is still pretty gross even if you are color-blind, then?

See, that's still pretty fucked up, because pink and light green are the same to you guys, right?

So everybody has green lips and green-shot eyes and green tongues and shit to you.

All us pink people are kinda greenish looking to you, suntans are green and everything, actually.

And you can't tell if a guy is an alien when he starts to bleed green blood and stuff either.

Man, that is a pretty goddam grim universe!

Hey, don't you start yellin' at me, man, you're the one that's all fucked up, y'know?

I'm just trying to help you ahaha.

"What is this color red that you speak of? We do not have this color in my country."

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