Friday, October 19, 2007

the MUSTARD and BISCUITS edition

Behold my Fine Army of Floating Rocks!

You need THIS (894 Version of Mount&Blade) Download it here.

You need THIS (Thing) Downloaded and Installed as well.

Mustard&Biscuits Source
You need Optionally Need THIS (Source Code) Downloaded if you want to knock yourself out fixing all the floating rocks I left for you to fix!

And THAT is just so that you can sit there and think your computer is broken for TEN WHOLE MINUTES while it loads all my Floating Rocks Up into the Air!

Mustard&Biscuit Thread
And then You Can Go Here and Take Out Your Frustrations on me and my Miserable-Ass Floating Rocks Show ahaha.

And if you REALLY wanna check out all my Floating Rocks in Style you can do it in Matrix Mode Bullet Time with the Hilariously Awkward ctrl-F9 Combination Toggle!

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