Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Big Pickle

Welp I got towns conquerable through castle fights.

That AI stuff in native wasn't doin' it fer me baby I tried like three times to get my team to siege Downtown and they just wouldn't stick with it they just couldn't concentrate.

I was playing the Rhodoks so maybe they programmed their AI real bad on purpose to be a factional thing what the hell do I know ahaha.

So I got rid of all that town siege stuff and I replaced it with nice quick player-versus-castle fights y'know you win the fight at the castle boom the town is yours heh.

And I gave towns "trade" upgrades where they produce more tools and stuff that villages will want to buy so I can collect the tax money heh.

And I think the whole map might be conquereable now but that will take a long time and be a LOT of fights man with buggy AI man ahaha.

Well I give all the starting choices like 80 troops to start with now 'cause I'm sick of going around looking for more troops when I'm testing to make sure I didn't mess up anything with towns in my programming heh.

Now you can play on a more "galactic" and "macrocosmic" scale baby 80 troops OMG!!!

Hah and then like five minutes into the game I'm like damn I NEED MORE TROOPS to STATION AT ALL THE CASTLES ASAPOMFG!!!

I been testing the thing all morning and I still haven't made sure my "unlimited upgrade" code works.

S'pose I ought to do that.

My Skeletons Dressed Up As Michael Jackson For Halloween are working perfectly.

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