Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dungeons & Draggins

Tuna is saying he don't wanna have to do research to understand the shit I write about dungeon's & dragons.

That's the only time you get to use that `&' key combo on your keyboard besides M&Ms and Bartles&James ahaha.

He's asking "is dungeons & dragons the thing with the black guy, the chick, the midget, and the wizard?"

And then he's like "the black guy is the wizard, right?"

And I'm thinking about the super smart black wizard guy that was the nemesis of Conan.

The guy who summoned demons from egypt.

Amon Thule or Thoth Amon or something.

Hard to believe the guy who wrote that stuff was a tall tale cowboy who shouted out the words as he wrote that shit at his mother's house in Texas.

And then I think about how James Earl Jones played the Thulsa Doom in the movie and he could bend people to his charisma and turn them into his slaves and he shoulda been Darth Vader under there when they took off his helmet but that would've made Luke a half-black guy and George Lucas din't want to do that so he editted the thing together to give a wrinkly old white guy this kick ass black dude voice.

Talk about a missed opportunity to look as good as the guys who did Star Trek, y'know?

Star Trek always makes Science Ficiton look good with that shit.

With Ohara in her fucking go-go outfit awyah holy shityah man.

Roddenberry gets all this credit and George Lucas turns a black guy in a helmet into a white guy when you take off the helmet its so sad really ahaha.

Tuna says he is a Sherpa.

Tuna is insinuating that he was some tibetan shepherd guy and Dave was his goat in a past life.

You only have that one goat for milk 'cause you know why people don't drink sheep milk and he likes goat cheese.

You get Delicious Dave Cheese from Dave the Goat.

Shake & Bake oh there's another one of those `&' ones.

I was a White Devil summoned by a Wizard in Egypt that got out of hand like that cartoon with Mickey Mouse and the Brooms.

And then Dave said no he was a blacksmith.

Not everyone is named after a career but he says he was ahaha.

And now Tuna is lighting Dave's sock on fire with that Colonial Space Marine Hand Torch that you are supposed to use to weld doors and metal chairs together against Aliens.

I'm gonna show 'em what I got for the Moustache Edition of Mount & Blade ooh there's another one of those `&' things.

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