Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sea Monkeys

I keep trying to remember all the games I played like Warlords and I can't even remember all their names goddam my head is so full of crap ahaha.

There was a game that taught me what "fog of war" was and I don't remember the name of that one but it was pretty awesome you had black knight dudes that upgraded and you conquered villages too I think but even if you look back with a photographic memory its pretty hard to tell what the hell those Atari Icons were supposed to be ahaha.

Warlords had black knights AND dragons you could upgrade or some awesome shit like that, I remember the map for it was an island though, that's different than the fog of war one, where it was more land than sea.

It was a lot like Civilization but more medieval with sorcery and shit.

Oh man I think that was the one where you could have a party of like 12 wizards that would totally destroy everybody they fought heh.

Goddam organic memory ahaha.

I still don't think I could do fireball throwing wizards and lightning bolts and junk in Mount&BLade and that sucks 'cause man that would be absofrigginlutely kick ass in Mount&Blade y'know like Mag Glove ragdoll powers to throw corpses at your enemies and burning horses and stuff aw hellyah c'mon that'd be all kinds of drooly awersomes ahaha yah baby yah its so naughty.

But I can't do that stuff so forget about that and concentrate on the stuff I CAN do like fun Math Problems with Trains Heading East at one hundred and thirteen miles per hour and such.


Okay, so things I can do haha okay well that certainly narrows it down a bit.

Man I gotta think about how to simulate villages in a more interesting way.

I mean, what I really need to do is figure out what made Sea Monkeys sell, y'know, I mean, what was it that people saw in their Mind's Eye when they saw that Sea Monkey shit in a comic book, what was it they really expected, and then, once I figure that out, I copy that and I'm all good ahaha.


Almagill said...

What made sea monkeys sell?
Well, it was the 60s, so I'm guessing that "tonnes and tonnes of recreational drugs" had some influence.

"Oh man, look, little sea monkey people... and that one in the bikini looks hawt..."

Then they'd get teh whole kit in the mail, open it, go "Whut? No little mermaid chick??", use the 'custom styrene awuatic habitat' to make a bong and end up eating the eggs in a frenzy of the munchies.

After which, ina stoned haze, tehy'd sit down, pick up a comic book, see the advert for sea monkeys and the whole circle of life would start over again.

Of course, that's how it *might* have happened, but being the 60s I don't remember anything. (No, seriously, I don't. The 80s are a bit of a blur too..)

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

ahaha *licks fingers* mmm man these sea monkeys are kinda salty.