Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shoe Maker

Alright so I added this "population" variable to all my villages.

And I assigned it a random number between 150 and 200 or something like that for starters.

And then I made it randomly rise and fall some amount, like -5 to 5, every twenty four hours, to make it look "organic" or something I dunno ahaha.

Anyways every time you look at it in the game (which is only after you get granted a village), you can watch the population of your village go up and down a random amount every day.

The number gets updated as the Villagers leave to trade in the city.

You might have a streak where you lose people seven days in a row its random y'know its not attached to anything there's nothing you can do to it ahaha.

Oh yah, so I did that, and then I tested it, and then, in the middle of the night, I added a bit on to it, where whenever a Village Upgrade gets completed, it adds like 15-25 people to your village population (I made the Housing one count more).

And then it does that -5 to 5 thing at the new number every day.

And then I started adding some "townie" negatives to upgrading your village.

Like, the more people you got, the more food you need.

And the more "fancy" manufactured products you'll want.

And you'll need more "tools" to run a mine.

Y'know, stuff like that.

And I put all that stuff in there, in a surge of inspiration in the middle of the night, last night, and I don't hardly remember doing it.

Y'know its like the Shoemaker Elves did it for me.

And now I gotta test it and see if whatever I did worked.

I already got a thing in there that determines the number of recruits by the level of Housing Upgrades a town has, so I don't need to change that, 'cause that already "seems" like it works heh, but I could change the number of farmers or reinforcements there were in the little "Villager" party, and I could make the population go up and down depending on something in the economy, and then tie it to the NPC Lords, to control the size of their armies or something.

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