Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He Rambles On

Here's what I got in my version of M&B Native:

A New Map with Six Kingdoms

1. Swadian - heavy armor, mounted Knights, swords and shields, and crossbows, they're most Fashionable, they wear tights sometimes, for the appreciation of the ladies and whoever else might appreciate a good sweater and fashionably worn looking leggings and poetry and fine wine. They're allied with the Khergits.

2. Vaegir - heavy armor, mounted Templars, bardiches, axes, and bows, they're all the Sons of the Abbot, from many different mothers and villages. They start out wandering the game with a ragged pack horse, a heavy iron staff that punishes their sins with its cold weight, and a black robe of disgrace, after being cast out of the villages where they were raised for looking a little too much like the Abbot.

"Oh no, see, he has your red hair, darling!"

"He's bald as an egg! He just has that Don Johnson five oclock shadow thing going on that you can't get rid of!"

I think I might take away their bows and give 'em crossbows though.

They're allied to the Rhodoks through the Mining Men that keep them supplied with Iron.

3. Khergit- medium armor, everyone is mounted, katanas, spears, and bows, the Mongol Horde guys, everybody is mounted from birth and spends most of their life on a horse, their archers are totally out of control because of line of sight checks when they try to shoot if someone on their own team is in the way they charge in to help instead of risking a shot and they get chopped up. They're allied with the Swadians, there's the velvet and spice trade there.

4. Nord- medium armor, great axes, axes, spears, shields, throwing axes, and bows, they don't have horses but their Infantry throws axes (while Swadian and Vaegir Infantry don't throw anything.). They're allied with the Zinn, velvet and spice trade there, too.

5. Rhodok- medium armor, spears, shields, and bows. their infantry throw javelins, they sorta look like Scottish Miners with their Kettle Hats so I gave em military picks too. I took away the crossbow stuff they had in Native and gave 'em bows 'cause I couldn't imagine a spear guy with a buddy crossbowman, where I could see a Rhodok Sniper as a light on his feet woodsman with a spear and a bow. They're allied with the Vaegir.

6. Zinn - medium armor, scimitars, shields, voulges, and bows, I gave them the gold Khergit Armor that wasn't being used 'cause it looks a little too swishy for my Khergits ahaha. They got terrible bows I gotta fix that right now. They're allied with the Nords all 13th Warrior Style.

Every Kingdom has the same amount of Towns and Villages, one Main City (where the leader of the Kingdom lives) and two Suburbs.

The Vaegir start with an extra Castle and village in the center of the map, but aside from that everybody has the same amount of Castles (with attached support village) positioned at "gates" of the kingdom, which are usually the first things won or lost (although I've seen cities get sieged first too so its pretty random).

You get more renown per battle, with a minimum of 5 or 6 I think.

You get a hefty chunk of renown for fighting in all the different arenas (I totally redid the Arenas to be factional, so there's a Knight Arena with no Ranged, a Guard Arena with Throwing Weapons Sometimes, and a Archer Arena where everybody has bows or crossbows) so you can do that to get a ton (you need a ton for some things heh).

I added a lot of new troop types and troop trees and bandit spawns and stuff (spawns only spawn once a day if the thing they spawned was killed or captured or whatever but they can wander REALLY far from where they started).

I had to get rid of horse merchants (cause I hit the maximum amount of troop types you could have haha) and so I put horses for sale on the Goods Merchants, and I added a lot of new troop types.

I redid all the clothes for everybody in every town but I didn't mess with most of their faces to make them look like they come from whatever town it is they live at.

I added files for all the villages and fixed that up so that you can edit them in Edit Mode with ctrl-E and it will save your changes.

I enabled the cheat mode so you can do crazy experiments and play with a boat and command other parties to follow you and attack and stuff 'cause that's fun and you might as well have it on all the time 'cause you never know when you'll want to use it.

The only bad thing is that the game takes like five minutes to load already and I still ain't done messing with it heh.

Yah its like the Last Days man ahaha.

I was in the middle of specifying what each town and village produces and needs (instead of having it be sorta random, y'know, to make it more realistic), but then I started wondering what a Starving Town would be like, so I started making Sargoth into a Starving Town where it didn't have enough of anything (-30) but it had a surplus of Tools (+30), just to see what would happen, when I came here.

Well, actually I was a little deeper, I was setting all the Suburbs to be (-20) starving, and wondering what I should be setting Suburbs at, when I came here haha.

Yah, and then I was gonna make all the villages be (0) Not Starving but (-30) Hungry for Tools and Cinnabons or something from the Suburbs ahaha.

Yah, and now I gotta see if it will compile and then I'll have to fix all my typos and brain farts and fuckups AHAHA.

Oh man, I wanted to make different farmers and villagers of each faction, to fight with when you defend a town, but I didn't do that yet.

I know where to do it, though, I marked the spot with an X, I'm a code pirate and I know where all the treasure is buried first thing ahaha.

I think I gotta set up the economy first and make sure it works before I'd know what they'd look like.

Man maybe I should look at that crafting mod and see how that works, it'd be cool to have a village that produced Katanas or something that you could "help" get better at making katanas, and have all the item be distributed through the world like that.

Holy shit that'd be a lot of item editing though.

Hmm, it'd be cool to see Khergit Items for sale in Khergit Areas, I gotta think about that, I mean, I could go so far as to use a variable for the type of armor troops use, like I do for the guys in the arena, so you could change it "on the fly" if you didn't like what I picked ahaha.

Man that'd be a lot of typing too.

I wanna make all the stuff like furs and wool and food come in from the villages and processed goods be sold at the suburbs and have Tools be distributed from the Main Cities and then have Spice and Velvet be produced in the Rich Places and wanted by all the poor places.

If I get it set up right, I can get to a spot where I can can edit JUST the items file to monkey with the economy by making something worth more or less money and the rest of it will cascade in a predictable pattern from there (AHAHA I HOPE IT WORKS BUDDY KEEP DREAMING AHAHA).

I still haven't figure out how to use the thing I need to use to make it into an Easy Install Program but I could just zip it und let you unzip it where ever you got yer Modules folder, the only difference there is how smart one of us is with a computer, either I gotta get smarter first or you do ahaha.

Maybe I could get the guy that wrote the Easy Install Thing For Your Thing to make one of my things for me.

I think he runs that Module Repository place, maybe he can even do the download of the whole thing and the Source Code and whatever.

Maybe we can get him to do some other stuff for us too, like make us some scrambled eggs and pancakes and crispy bacon and breakfast sausage soaking in maple syrup, or, I dunno, whatever.

Yah maybe I should see what I gotta do to get a login to that place.

Dude I need an Icon for Tobacco.

I can't just use Cabbage all the time haha.

Oh I'm just kidding I didn't do anything with that I got enough headaches ahaha.

My game does have Stoners who are guys in pilgrim clothes that throw stones really hard, they're from the Vaegir Woods.

They got Witches up there too, their Master Archer guy is called a Witch Hunter, I think I might give him a sniper crossbow instead of a bow, though.

They got Templars for Knights and their infantry are called Crusaders.

Swadians are Royales With Cheese, moustaches, fine wine, beautiful ladies, swords and poems.

Khergits are the Ghengis Khan Guys.

Nords are the Vikings, they got a Berserker line, a Warmaster with a Shield who throws axes, and Longbowman.

Rhodok are a cross between an Elf and a Hobbit and a Dwarf, they're miners who become Guardians, spearmen who become Impalers, and archers who become Snipers, with no cavalry, 'cause dwarves hate horses. I gave 'em all spiked red hair, moustaches, and those kilt looking things.

And the Zinn are a little Arabian Nights flavored, with scimitars and voulges, they coulda been a little more Arabian looking than I made them, but I didn't really want to say that they were really supposed to be somebody from history when nobody else really is.

I didn't use any new artwork, I just rearranged the stuff that was there, and put more of it up for sale, and added "good" versions of things like bows and crossbows and "watered steel" versions of swords.

Man I can't wait to see the results of my Economy Fundamentals Experiments, I wanna know how I should do it, should I set a town to starving, with like a surplus of one thing, or should I give them a mix of surpluses and cravings, and at what level should I do it, Main City, Suburb, Vilgage, y'know?

I think the way I got it now my Suburbs are gonna be super rich and my Main Cites will be starving heh.

I can make Suburbs hungry, or not hungry, or producers of a thing, those are the options.

Same with Towns and Villages.

I got it set to Tools from the Main City and nowhere else, something special like Wine and Velvet from the Suburbs, and food and furs and stuff from the peasants, who don't have any of the processed stuff, but I could change it around to anything.

There's bandits that'll attack villagers and there's even some npc parties that will protect 'em so that can really slow them down as they try to run back and forth to the city once per day to trade and that's where all your tax income comes from so that's the incentive to keep your lands free of bandits every day heh.

The cheat mode tells you how much money all the towns and suburbs and villages and merchant caravans are making.

Oh yah there's caravans that will make more money the faster they are and the less they're kept from their routes too, I'm not sure how they'll work on the economy, but they buy things in boundles of 100 Units, so like, in their inventory, where you see 1 Dried Meat, its actually 100 Dried Meat to the cities they trade with.

And the npcs lords on your side use that money to buy troops.

Welp, I'm gonna go see whether making Sargoth Hungry makes it more aggressive ahaha.

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