Thursday, October 18, 2007

Electric Mustard

I made Woman Upgrade to Men.

Well I wasn't gonna leave it the way it was, where Men Upgraded into Women, that was just too fucked up and illogical and like Totally Against All Three Kinds of Science and stuff.

I would have had to pretend I was sacrificing the guy to the gods to get a woman in his place or something if I woulda had to do that Upgrade a Man to Woman thing.

Yah so my Nords start out as a Swedish Bikini Team and then they transform slowly over time into Guys With Beards and Axes and Naked Chicks on Horses.

I woulda done The Classic Sarge Strip Tease, where your Amazon Woman Got More and More Naked as She Levelled Up, if I woulda had more parts to play with, but I din't, so they're just running around in leather armor bikinis all the time.

I did mention that my mod should not be tested on pregnant women and children with creepy little arms and Electromagnetic Diseases, right?

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