Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mount&Blade Moustache Network Edition

Sorry guys I just been goin' all Mad Scientist with this M&B modding stuff.

Made a couple new maps for the Native game where everybody ain't all jammed together and each faction has its own flavor of terrain, and then I figured out how to edit the cities and add new ones and generate fancy scenes and all that sorta stuff.

That was fun 'cause it was like torturing little AI rats in a maze to see if they were smart enough to figure out what I did and work with it.

They're pretty damn smart, actually, whoever programmed 'em has an interesting slant on the old Wandering Salesman problem, where they use curves... but... you guys prolly don't wanna hear about that ahaha.

And I added new upgrade paths and classes and rearranged all the gear and redid all the items in the game to try to balance shit out some and stuff, gawd that's a total pain in the ass.

Redid all the lords and kings and races too, made all the Rhodoks little Red Headed Guys with purple gnome hats and spiked hair and moustaches, made all the Vaegirs bald-headed lumberjacks, and all my Swadians wear tights heh.

And I screwed around with all the bandits and made some new kinds, right now I got 'em all turned off 'cause they're just a hassle when I'm trying to test something.

And I played around with the character creation thing so I could do anything I want with that, y'know, so you can start as one of the different races, instead of that thing they got.

And then my code got so scraggly-looking after all my experiments that I had to start over just to clean stuff up some.

And now I'm thinking about adding Mad Arabians as a sixth army to the game.

Or mebbe a race of Naked Amazon Chicks or a Necromancer Army or something, I dunno.

They sorta gotta be friends with the Vikings 'cause of the way things are arranged mathematically, so I thought the Arabian thing would fit 13th warrior style, plus its Desert and I ain't used that yet, but I could stick Amazons and Dead Guys in a desert too.

Mebbe I could make it a race of Naked Arabian Amazon Dead Chicks or something ahaha.

So whatever, all three of my brain cells have obviously been working together for once and since they're all focused on that there ain't nothing left to come here and blabber with lately.

And the only things I'd have to blabber about is that kinda junk anyways, y'know.

But I'm having fun and I ain't dead or nothing.

Mebbe I'll have something you can play with soon, if any of you guys besides Winst even play M&B, but I ain't really hit a spot where I'm slowing down on changing stuff around yet.


W.Churchill said...

nah, between Eve Online and school I manage to play a few hours a week. Sounds like your making some great changes man.

"Naked Arabian Amazon Dead Chicks"

you need to get into game development, tellem to hire my ass, hell just get the gang together and start putting out some really cool stuff.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

No, what I need to do is find a rich guy that likes to get high and play playstation all day that'll let me live in an abandoned wing of his mansion without wanting to have sex with me to pay for it.

Heck, at this point I'd settle for living in a corner of a comic book nerd's basement as long as I didn't ever have to talk to his mom ahaha.

Unless she was hot, y'know.