Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dancing Cowboy Strikeforce

Here ya go Ex-B.

Here's s'more stuff from Primus, in case yer just stumbling through here and yer fresh off the boat from Easter Island or you just stepped out of a time machine or one of those cryogenic tubes from the 50s or you just wanna watch a lot of claymation cartoons and dancing hillbillies or something.

My Name is Mud
Sailing On the Seas of Cheese
Tommy the Cat
John the Fisherman
Mr. Krinkle
Lacquer Head
Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Its kinda funny that my little brother is all Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver-looking, y'know, now, but his favorite band has always been Primus and he used to go around lookin' like a cross between a pirate and a court jester in high school heh.


Meanwhile their music usually reminds me of the alarms and sound effects that go off when you fuck around with the control panels of a nuclear reactor or a spaceship or somethiing.

"Oh shit! What'd I do?"

Its also kinda funny that I can understand the words better in the original Making Plans for Nigel than the Primus cover of it that I've apparently been misquoting at people when they're wasted for years ahaha.

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Ex-bouncer said...

That's funny. I havent seen that video in so long. DCSF is way better though. Just think of all the jokes that you can do with that!