Friday, October 12, 2007

Shahazeeba Musafeeba

Oh man I was laughing my ass off trying to come up with Arabian-ish sounding names for the towns and crap in my M&B thing, y'know, like Shahalamabeeb-musaheeb-mahazeeb and shit, and I was starting to get into that dangerous area where yer laughing so hard you might rupture something, y'know?

Reminds me of my Hindu buddy tellin' me that him and his little street-urchin pals in India used to imitate english by adding "ing" on to the end of all their words heh.

Its "Ing-lish" ahaha.

So whatever, I decided to use the internet for some help and so of course I learned a lot of serious shit that I didn't want to know and then I found this kickass Arabian Nights thing.

I like that guys introduction, man, he's such a cock about translating shit but he's cool heh.

I never knew that translating it was so impossible and that nobody has the complete thing and its supposed to be the Thousand and One stories half-told by the wife of this king to keep him from executing her, where she'd leave the stories hanging so he'd have to let her live to hear the rest of the story tomorrow, that's kick ass.

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