Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Enough Raz Mataz

Alright I just tested my crap and I think its working (I redid the way I granted boons for housing upgrades a little, I added some Big City Hungers as a village gets bigger).

Man I could do anything with this add a police department and a fire department and a Church with a Fancy Painted Ceiling and Chuck the Snowplow Operator ahaha.

Now what I want to do is add one more city, right in the middle.

I'll get rid of that Vincoud Castle and the village of Nemeja will go bye bye and I'll put a city there instead.

'Cause whoever controls that city and all the castles and villages around it will be an economic badass, and then, if your villages are good, you'll feel it in your main city, and you'll have way more money to spend on junk.

Yah I think I'm gonna do a thing where if you get two villages to Rank 5 in everything, then you can found a city in the middle on an anicent indian buriel ground ahaha just kidding no really.

I think I can figure out how to make an invisible city appear magically at the right time heh.

That'd be cool though.

Maybe I could use those Seneschal guys and give you lords and everything I gotta go take a look at that.

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