Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indoors and Outdoors

You could walk to a place where the sky was blue and the birds weren't afraid to sing.

Some place where you could take your coat off and sling it over your shoulder and leave your sword in your pack.

And there might be some friendly peasant folk there having a picnic.

And they might ask you to join them for a high quality backyard barbecue dinner experience with all sorts of homegrown vegetables and spices and if yer lucky you might even play a little of whatever is the local primitive screwhead equivalent of frisbee.

Well these people won't even be able to read and write, and they don't have any knowledge of electricity or all the TV Shows there will be to watch in the Future, so they're pretty limited in the conversation department.


You could play inside.

And you could lead a charge of faithful men on heavily armored warhorses into the arms of an evil army of darkness with ragdoll physics.

If you wanna play indoors.


You could go to both places and check them out a little, both indoors and outdoors, to see who was laughing more and who had all the good spots to sit and stuff, and make your choice that way, that's what I did.

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