Monday, October 22, 2007


Ah, smell that fresh country air.

Its positively bracing.

So how much money did you lose?


Gambling is for Primitives, man.

This place is for savages.

This one time, I was caught by the Army of Darkness, y'know?

With only these six trusty swadian knife throwing lads at my side!

And so of course I am soon fighting the entire Army of Darkness all by myself!

And then my horse was cruelly murdered and exploded between my legs!

And then we were all treated to a sound bashing and much discomort!

And they bound us and they dragged us around in the dirt and stones for days and days and days before I finally noticed my chance to escape and took it!

And then I had to go back and fight them again and rescue my men and I got the wheel of cheese and the loaf of bread they took from me back too!

That's pretty fucked up when the Army of Darkness takes your wheel of cheese and your loaf of bread, and then you get them back, don't you think?

What where we talking about, anyways?

This Arena smells like the back of the monkey cage at the Zoo let's get out of here and rescue some peasant women or something man.


Mr. Miyagi said...

Is that guy supposed to be you? You guys have some common features except I have only seen you in your full body armor when you were fighting zombies.

I think zombies would be easier for you to kill then like dragons and stuff and cooler too! When you kill a zombie they should like explode and all kinds of shit and guts will fly everywhere. man that would be cool.

When you fight a dragon you should be carful not to get hit with his fire breath. Especially after the dragon has just eatin a couple of fat dudes, that hot breath could be really killer then man.

The other day I had a couple of Zombies over by my house for dinner. They actually own a dragon. Yeah! They parked their dragon on the roof of my apartment and came down through my window.

They where actually pretty cool Zombie dudes and they really like green jello for some reason.

maybe I can get the Zombies to give me and ex-bouncer a ride on there dragon to pick you up and we can go back to their zombie layer and get stoned. Yeah!


Zombies like to get stoned too!

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

This is like What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Big Tuna.

When I was little, I would magically disappear and reappear all the time, and it gave my mom a heart attack, but this was all happening before I could talk, and then right after I started to talk, I started doing, and she asked me, "where do you go when you disappear like that?"

And I told here "I went to Chicago with my Teacher."

And the weird thing is we were living in Ohio and I lived in New York before that and I'd never been to Chicago yet.

But that's where my mom was from.

And my stepdad is a teacher who works in Chicago.

That was her first boyfriend from she was 16.

He was a teacher's assistant in one of her classes.

He had her little brother (my uncle) in one of his classes too ahaha.

That's pretty weird huh.

I tried putting zombies in the game but it didn't work they didn't look like zombies they just looked like guys with catsup rubbed on their faces and if you see 'em from farther away you don't even notice the catsup and they look all normal and uncscary.

I'm working on a version of the game right now where these guys in tights have these superstrooper boomstick crossbows that take forever to reload but kill almost everything in one hit.

And as far as the picture goes, I'm just taking screenshots of cartoon guys that remind me of people from the people you could beat up from Max Payne man they need to add a funny "death_grimace" animation that makes 'em kick their legs and wiggle their arms as they slide down the sides of hills ahaha.

Mr. Miyagi said...

Oh yeah a guy in tights that shoots arrows!! How about you put a guy in a thong shootin arrows! ahha

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

"And then Ding Dong the Royal Plumber shows up to help the Horny Princess fix her royal bathtub..."


W.Churchill said...

you need to create a "Log Jammin" mod