Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Was Made By Brad McQuaid

Haha man I love Raph.

This is just too juicy not to relink.

And Raph is doing his awesome thing all polite and stuff, that's the frickin' best, just about anybody can fight, but only Spiderman can crack jokes and keep the shrapnel from hitting the wimps while he's doing it all at the same time.

I mean, he really could go all nuclear any ole time he wanted, y'know.

If I was him, I'd be all like, "Who's your daddy, son. I made all of you! I brought you into this world AND I CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF IT!"

And then I'd turn on me for my stupid impression of him and I'd say "...and what game did your stupid frickin' nickname come from little man?"

And I'd be all like "oh no you don't Ralph! it was Brad McQuaid that made me! And he didn't make me so much as one of his minions summoned me from the comfort of my gore-soaked labrinths in Half Life! Much blood and many souls were reaped for that impudence!"

See how I'm all cool like that under pressure from the Big Guns?

Yeh, once I get my pants repaired at a merchant it'll be as if nuthin' ever happened baby heh.

And then if I was Dundee I would be all like "hey wut i used 2b the funny guy who rote 4 a pen and paper RPG website b4 any of this happined wtf u leve me out of this u!"

And then I'd be all like "dude even Sunsword started out as a guy that got his house robbed in Raph's game! Its like Darth Vader and the Emperor, the anger that Raph put in him is what made him a great game programmer! And you are no different, mister Skara Brae Ranger!"

And Lum, c'mon, fearless UO Reporter!

All the same!

Raph's Dark Children, all!

Lords of the Sith!

Why am I the only guy that gives Raph the respect a father deserves?

Mebbe that's 'cause he ain't my daddy.

Y'know, if you ever seen me talk about The Brad, that I can't even link to because apparently he's having one of his "episodes" and he's in no condition for human contact, then I think you'd start to see the pattern.

The Brad, toolin' around in his ferrarri as if he was all cool like Thresh or something, Powered By the Flaming Sword of Aradune!

Hey, you can say what you want about how horrible UO was or whatever, but one thing is for sure, Raph taught all you guys how to fight and survive in this cold hard world just like a father should ahaha.

Its nice to see the old man still has some fight left in him after putting up with all you guys for all those years.

And he's keeping his smooth jazz style on top of it, that's amazing when you consider exactly who his kids are heh.

I mean, look at my The-Brad-dad, man, he's a frickin' trainwreck baby, having Visions and going all holy roller and stuff jeesh ahaha.

And he didn't even have no Lum or Dundee and all their twisted offspring with their gross little teeth and their creepy tentacle arms picking on him, he just had all us Quake guys that couldn't hardly form a coherent sentence even after we all combined our severed limbs into this giant Voltron Robot-type thingie that didn't work AHAHA.

Edit: Now with more links so you Duke Boys can try to google up some on that ole antediluvian bastidge Raph!

Oh man that reminds me, I need me summa this.

Edit Edit: Had to change title after I realized how much fun it was to sing "I was made by Brad McQuaid!" while driving to the store to get coffee heh.

Ugh mebbe I shoulda saved that for my sunday poem or a folksong or sumpthin' ahaha.

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