Saturday, December 8, 2007

Free Psychic Energy Readings

Meet New York's Foremost Psychic Energy Reader, CB Walker.

There aren't even words to describe how awesome he is so I'm not gonna bother.

I can't believe that he ain't nationwide and a millionaire and more famous than the Beatles already, but his website says that you can watch his show live on Fridays at 11EST through this Public Access website.

Uhh Huh
Early Bird Callers
CB Got a Lust Problem
Highlight Reel
Asked If He's a Comedy Act
Arnold Soundboard Thing
Loves Them Spanish Girls
Relationship Advice
Keeps His Cool
Pranked Again
White Castle
Medicated Psychic Part 1
Medicated Psychic Part 2
Medicated Pyschic Part 3
Medicated Pyschic Part 4
Medicated Pyschic Part 5
Medicated Pyschic Part 6
Medicated Pyschic Part 7
Halloween Special Part 1
Halloween Special Part 2
Halloween Special Part 3
Halloween Special Part 4
Thanksgiving Special Part 1
Thanksgiving Special Part 2
Thanksgiving Special Part 3
Thanksgiving Special Part 4
Thanksgiving Special Part 5

I'm sending him my Positive Energy.


Ex-bouncer said...

I think you, me and Tuna should get together and form a curcle around your table while we light candles and focus our tremendous mental abilities towards your big Crystal that you grew from your salt and mineral mixture while we chant "Positive Energy for a Positive Outcome" and then hold our breathe until we all pass out.

When we wake up we can start it all over again!

Yeah man! That's what we should do!

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Uhh huh... uhh huhh... *click* ...Good Evening!

I prolly got one or two of those magical power crystals growing in my fridge but I'd have to break the duct tape seal and risk the release of all sorts of toxic fungus gas and then fight my way through all the other poisonous defense systems of its alien extremophile ecosystem just to take a look heh.