Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Reveal

So, there's this whole Unofficial and Official Forums controversy for Massively Multiplayer Online Games heh.

I don't really care about that, but it reminds me of something I keep fergitting to blabber about.

Anybody 'member Mynn the Museless?

She got banned from EQ1 for doing something on the forums when EQ1 went from Unoffical Forums to Official Forums Ruled With an Iron Fist.

And then she ended up hanging out on Lum's forums and howling about the Man and stuff.

And her and this other guy named Kelnya or Kelyna (or something like that, he kept switching the letters around) started a funny gaming news web site or something that Dundee linked to one time.

I think it mighta been the Morlocks, or something that came out at about the same time as the Morlocks, I dunno, my memory is about as trusty as a wet sammich when it comes to stuff I didn't personally have anything to do with, but I remember Dundee linking to it and then being a little surprised and having to keep my mouth shut.

Anyways both of them were a couple of the folks I hung out and grouped with when I was first learning to play EQ.

Mynn volunteered to table dance at my ogre's bachelor party if I agreed to marry my stalker ex-girlfriend in-game (but I didn't heh).

And that Kelnya guy was the one my stalker ex-girlfriend thought was a girl that was flirting with me too much even though he was a guy and we were just horsing around ahaha.

"She just /poked you!"

"Its a he."

So I had to quit hanging out with him and it was all super awkward and awesome ahaha.

The Real Life Dwarf hated him because that was back in the days before folks knew if the Rogue Pickpocketing Ability was skimming something off the group loot thing (I told the Dwarf we were getting robbed just 'cause it was funny to make him all crazy and mad, he was so wasted he actually thought rogues could pickpocket players heh).

Man yah I remember seeing Kelyna arguing with folks on the Loremaster forums for LOTR too, back when I was playing that, it was horrid but at least he's still around heh.

Anyways that was part of the same little gang that Bogmu the Potree Troll came from (the guy that became a super hero in Dundee's UO Emulator thingie, I forget what his name was there, something that started with an S, I think, but whatever, I'm the guy that invited him over there, he really is my oldest "internet" gaming buddy, first internet dude my real life pals ever adopted into our gang of jerks heh).

Yah these are all the cool interconnected-its-a-Small-World-thingies that I've kept secret up 'till now and snickered about over all these years to myself, y'know, what with my awesome Ole Bald Angus disguise, 'cause now its safe to say something considering they've all but disappeared from the net and so it wouldn't look like some kinda conspiracy ('cause it wasn't, it was just flukey luck or the way funny people tend to cluster together like lumps in the gravy or something).

I've admitted to playing parts in actual gaming conspiracies so I didn't want to get nailed for one that wasn't on purpose, y'know, nobody would believe me heh.

Especially with all those MMO Depression Era UO Conspiracy Nuts out there ahaha.

Man, this reminds me of something else I was trying to make myself remember to blabber about but now I can't remember what it was.


Well, whatever, its not like its a big deal to anybody at large, its just one of those odd little things, y'know?

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