Friday, December 21, 2007

Concerning Hobbits

I'm playing the Lord of the Rings Online again.

Hey its the only game that doesn't make me feel sorta seasick when I think about it heh.

Started over on Winfolia sose I could pester Big Ed and Jadesfyre and Wolf and them.

They added lots of stuffs since I played, like new spells fer loremasters and this thing where you can be a chicken and run around and have awesome chicken adventures, and they got houses now, I think you can even decorate 'em with hideous lawn ornaments, and there's a bunch more recipes for cool little trinkets and doo-dads folks can craft, and they still got the dancing instructor thing for some good old fashioned virtual country line dancing!

C'mon Ex-B!

Middle Earth needs you!

Oh don't gimme that just ask Star Wars Christmas Santa for it or something!

The Power of Tiny Elvis compels you!

Oh man!



Anonymous said...

I'm on Brandy Wine...Carstan. Look me up when you need to group.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

I'm kinda stuck where I am on Winfolia (er whatever its called) right now, kinda sucks to skip all the group stuff in an effort to catch up to my buddies, I was thinking about trying to goad folks into doing something regular for shorts bits every week where we could all go around and do stuff together even though we play on different servers and we can only have five characters per server.

I actually have a lot of big guys on Nimrodel from the last time I played LOTRO but nobody I know on the internet plays there.

And it kinda sucks to be rich and powerful in a healthy world with no buddies, I mean, turns out I'd rather be a hideously poor train hobo on a server where I can't afford ANYTHING on the AH as long it lets me hang around my buddies heh.

Its the difference between a house and a home and all that.