Tuesday, December 18, 2007



Jeff Freeman said...

See what you can do with A Voice!

Every time I see something like that it just makes me wish I had A Voice even more.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Dude you know who would be good like Inhibitor?

Frickin' Winst and Madjack and Walter.

Hanging out with them was like listening to Car Tawk for MMO People, seriously.

'Cept Winst sounds more like Barry White or Burl Ives or something, and Madjack is a combination of Jeff Bridges and John Goodman smushed together, and Walter really IS the kinda cowboy that Kid Rock seems to wish he was heh.

The only thing bad with them is that their jobs as paramedics and ambulance drivers or whatever is sorta depressing and that gives them a dark edge that'd scare the hell out of delicate people who can only survive in a fairy tale universe where meat comes from little boxes made out of ticky tacky or whatever ahaha.

The way you make yourself sound it makes me think yer one of those geeks with the whiny high pitched nasal Dungeons and Dragons voice that'd trigger my spine-tingling nerd-smashing impulse if I had to sit next to you on the train, y'know, you should just smoke a lot of cigarettes or something until you fix that shit AHAHAHA.