Thursday, December 13, 2007


This is still my favorite webpage of all times.

I spent a lot of my youth being pissed off that everybody wanted to map space out in 2D with constellations and stuff, and I ain't got any use for that, I don't wanna think about space in 2D, I need stuff in at least 3D (I can do the fourth dimension on my own when I'm looking up on a dark country night thanks to way we measure distances in lightyears heh).

I'm always worried that whoever runs that site is gonna stop (its been around forever), but now the guy has got stuff blinking when he adds something new (which means we musta just learned something new).

Its got all the habitable zones around stars calculated and the latest exo-planet stuff too, its just goddam awesome, its a real map of whats around us that some totally kickass guy is actually keeping up to date with links to all the relevant articles and stuff.

He's like the Great Wizard of Human Achievements in Space Exploration or something, I mean, Flying Saucers can actually use his library to make their travel plans and stuff heh.

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