Saturday, December 15, 2007


When I was younger, my associates and I attempted to create the Ultimate PvP Player in a laboratory setting through various applications of the scientific method, such as a wide array of ego-destroying psychological torture techniques and failure-oriented punishments, shooting for a rabid "compressed coil" effect in the competitive gaming environment that was modelled after what always seems to happen with Catholic School Girls, if ya know what I mean *nudge nudge*

And then we unleashed him on the public.

In the contest where Thresh won the Ferrarri, he made it into the top 100, but then our Psychologically Augmented FrankenPvPer was defeated by some rocket-jumping female tart.

Surely Science had forsaken us!

So that's when I gave up the whole labcoat-and-clipboard thing and I fled the scene and I turned to sorcery and started smoking a pipe heh.

Oh, our FrankenPVPer is still out there somewhere, staggering through the optional digital shadows of the various virtual PvP environments, wandering the cold and lonely backroads of DAoC in a trail of its own monstrous tears, howling its inhuman cries for the sweet release of a Permanent Death that will never happen and unleashing its hellish rage on anyone foolish enough to cross its path ahaha.

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