Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tuna Tuna Tuna

I don't wanna see no more of that dark and poisonous shit of yers.

There's no excuse that wouldn't make me wanna drag your ass to the edge of town and finish you.

I'm serious.

I've told you all this stuff before and I don't like having to repeat myself, you really think your dark side is a virtue, you think you are the only one who had a shitty life, even though what is actually going on is that everybody else around you is struggling to keep their own dark sides in check.

And you aren't retarded, you don't need help, you've got the brain of a shark and the heart of a carnival worker.

And your sad story ain't even in my top ten thousand sad stories, man.

The only thing you got going for you as far as I'm concerned is that you helped Ex-B with his dad when he was dying.

That's it.

I don't think there's anything "cool" or even remotely interesting about you besides that, that's the only thing that makes it so that I can put up with you, shit, my old man was in prison for longer than you've even been a man and I spent the first half of my life so far dealing with his stupid shit.

And sometimes I wonder if you just did your one good deed like any other carnvial worker would, knowing that Ex-B would owe you, with that mafia circus of owing people, but then I think about the rest of the story, and I think you prolly got some heart left after all the shit you been through.

But I haven't totally made my mind up about that.

Anyways if you wanna get my attention and make me try to figure out a way to get Ex-B to hang out with you or something, you are really fucking it up, you ain't making me wanna hang out with you more, you're just making me glad I don't have to.

Its the one kind of stupid that I wouldn't expect from a guy like you, dragging down the people who actually give a shit about you and torturing 'em.

And then you wonder why they run away, and you think they're fucking evil or something.

Wake the fuck up man and turn that shit around, give the good side of yourself to the people who deserve it, and the bad side to everybody else.

I know you can do it, its thieves that are the best guards for the shit you don't want nobody to steal, and assassins that make the best bodyguards.

And all it takes is for you to think for a second about where you are aiming that shit of yers before you pull the trigger, that's the only difference between you being a villain that nobody will wanna hang with, and you being a hero that everybody will fucking cheer for.

Y'know, go after somebody besides your best friend, man.

Sick that miserable-ass radioactive shit of yours on Britney Spears or Paris Hilton or some shit that makes me laugh like you used to.

That's all you need to do.

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