Saturday, December 8, 2007

Australian Fartologists Save Planet

Whew dawg this is good news.

Seriously, ain't livestock farts the leading cause of global warming?

I think I heard that somewheres.

So this should lower the sea level and make the North Pole re-freeze and stuff then.

Man, I hope fixing the farts too much doesn't send us tumbling into some sorta Weak Fart Inspired Ice Age.

That would be so embarrassing, man, when aliens show up a million years from now and find our dead planet and realize we died out because our farts were too wimpy.

I'd rather die from farts that were too awesome and powerful, I think.

At least that'd be a manly way to go.

We need some power in our farts to keep things from getting too cold, right?

Man, there's like two feet of snow on my balcony already heh.

Shit I'm fucking freezing and warming my hands on my own farts just to be able to write this ahaha.

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