Monday, December 10, 2007

It Came Out of the Sky

I always know I'm dreaming, its sorta like Lucid Dreaming without any super powers or anything, I'm the same guy I am when I'm awake in a virtual reality that's run by some other part of my brain.

And I can wake up anytime I want and leave the theatre so its not like I'm a captive audience or anything, if I don't like the movie they're playing I don't have to be innit.

Anyways sometimes I have these dreams with super humongous and drooly awesome special effects that you just can't get in the Waking World 'cause the screens aren't big enough and the special effects aren't on unlimited budgets and perfect heh.

Last night I had one of those, where I was standing in the street of an industrial park (although it was all fancy office buildings and not all that industrial) and the sky turned all dark and creepy and swirly and messed up and then these things that looked sorta liked meteors started coming down but then they veered off to the right at a ninety degree angle in formation and I could see that they sorta looked like peach pits in profile and I realized it was gonna be an Aliens Apocalypse Movie so I was like "oh kick ass" ahaha.

And suddenly everybody is pouring out of the office buildings and running past me in the streets and screaming all Here Comes Godzilla Style and they're trying to get away from the place in their cars and buses and vans and SUVs and the traffic is insane and I can see from their endless line of brake lights going out to the highway that they ain't getting anywhere, they're just sitting out there.

So I head over to the nearest office building that ain't made completely out of glass and I go inside, figuring I'd find some folks hiding out in there that I could interrogate for info about the dream while I waited to see what the alien paratroopers were gonna look like in person, descending from the sky on silky spider strings or who knows what, its a dream, y'know, there's no Rules, my brain knows it can make anything it wants look perfectly real so its bound to be pretty weird and creepy heh.

So I step inside and I let the heavy metal door swish shut behind me and suddenly everything is quiet.

And the lights are turned down low in the lobby and the building seems to be completely deserted, I mean, I don't hear anything moving in the entire building on any of the floors above me or anything.

And I stand just inside the doorway, and I think about looking around and exploring the place, I even cross over to the stairs besides the elevator ('cause I ain't gonna trust the elevator heh) and I'm about to put my hand on the door, but then I start to hear some scraping and clattering noises coming from somewhere way up inside the guts of the building on the top floors.

So I get the hell out of there, I don't wanna be the only guy standing around when the movie first decides to show the aliens, y'know, that's just a Rule of Horror Movies, you don't wanna be that guy ahaha.

So I step outside and I look around for some other people, y'know, for that safety in numbers thing, gotta give my brain somebody else besides me to show off its monsters' freaky digestive systems and stuff on heh.

And I see a ton of people trying to reinforce the doors in this building across the street, apparently that's where all the folks that decided against trying to escape in their cars are gathering.

But then I thought it all over and I decided to wake up.

'Cause I din't really wanna get stuck in that building.

Especially when I had just learned that the aliens were coming down the insides of the buildings from the roofs, like in that last building I was in, and these guys are basically working their ass off to block their own escape path on the ground level and with all the racket they're making they probably can't even hear 'em coming.

And I didn't wanna keep going in the dream and be stuck all by myself, wandering around some Alien Apocalypse world that I wasn't even familiar with.

That's one of the bad things about having the kind of Lucid Dreams I have, I don't really belong in the movie, so I don't have any memory of a car that belongs to me or a past history or a house or friends or anything in the story, and I'd have to find and steal and sweet talk dream folks into giving me everything I need to survive and that's a lot of work.

Too bad I never got to see the aliens though, I bet they woulda been awesome heh.

Actually the idea that they were gonna look just like us, y'know, all body-snatcher style, had already crossed my mind, and I didn't wanna get pulled into one of those cheap ass "jump-out-of-your-skin" unsuspected-treachery twist-ending rip-offs, I know I can't trust my brain to keep that kinda shit under control ahaha.

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