Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brain Fitness

Watched this thing earlier today on PBS about How the Brain Works and Brain Fitness and Mental Exercises you can do to keep yer Brain Healthy and make it more powerful and stuff but then I started getting groggy from these mozarella sticks I was eating while I was watching it and then I passed out in the middle of the show and now I can't hardly remember what the hell they were all blabbering about.

But I don't feel like I really missed out on anything, y'know?

'Cause even my lazy, good-fer-nuthin, cheese-saturated brain thinks that a guy who actually understands all this brain junk and knows all sorts of mental tricks and exercises to make his brain more awesome and powerful oughta be more interesting and entertaining than Larry the Cable Guy and not bore me into unconsiousness and shit heh.

And you'd think that a guy that studies all that and practices it oughta be able to take a joke better than the average guy too but fer some reason my stupid little out-of-shape brain is saying that it kinda doubts that that'd be the case ahaha.

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