Monday, December 17, 2007

Ghost of Sagan Speaks, Predicts Future

Carl Sagan on Charlie Rose 1995 Part 1.
Carl Sagan on Charlie Rose 1995 Part 2.

Man I'm so glad I managed to stumble on to the exact same page as him without having to be all smart and read all them stupid ass books to get there woohoo let's go smoke some cigarettes behind the school and light some shit on fire heh.


Jeff Freeman said...

His objection to treating the planet as a disposable one is pure, gushy, sentimentality.

Terra-forming worlds to inhabit is likewise not a good idea.

As he said, there are billions and billions of billions and billions of worlds.

All of them face the same risk as the Earth does of being obliterated by cosmic forces at pretty much any time (asteroid impact, gamma radiation burst, whatever).

So why invest anything in making one rock a nice place to live, when there's no guarantee it'll remain a nice place to live, UNLESS finding a rock which is already a nice place to live (and perhaps teaching the locals how great it is to work for us) is more expensive than terraforming.

But there I agree with him again: what are the odds that our home planet is so very special?

And from that: If it's nothing special, why not use the Earth as a disposable planet?

Ok, maybe we shouldn't do that yet, since we're stuck here... but if we could move-on to go Galactus on some other planet afterward?

Why not?

There's no reason not to, there. The old guy just used to get all emotional about things from time to time.

Ultimately, it might even be kind of a dumb idea to live on planets at all, too.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah I think I'd eat the blue planets slowly so the good stuff in the middle of the Oreo Cookie had time to regenerate.

'Cause if you eat up all the Good Stuff right away then yer just left with a couple of super crappy tasting Oreo Crackers that you need to wash out of your mouth with a gallon of milk or something heh.

"Oh man its another Cracker Planet, somebody already licked up all the good stuff and left us the rinds."