Friday, December 14, 2007

Parking Space

"Well what about Geonstationary Orbit?"

"Too expensive, dear. I could buy a brand new cruiser for what it costs to park there for a day! Plus its probably packed to the gills with rich idiots and mega-amphetamine fiends who don't know how to parallel park already anyways."

"How about Geosynchronous Orbit?"

"Hah! Last time we did that we got a dent in the rear fender and a scratch in the paint for our troubles. Those Geosynchronous Parking Attendent Clowns ought to be working rides at the carnvial and not tracking satellite trajectories!"

"But couldn't we park in one of the Lagrange Points by the Moon? Its so much closer."

"The Moon is a Bad Neighborhood, dear."

"But the shuttle ride from Lagrange Point Two is so long, the clones are going to be a handful."

"They should still be groggy from suspended animation for most of the trip, bless their little hearts. And I'll find us a nice place to park in the shade at Lagrange Point Two so the ship won't be all hot and sticky when we get back from our family fun-filled day at Disney World. Trust me, this'll all work out, we're all going to have a great time."

"The last time you said that..."

"Don't push it, honey. There's still plenty of time for me to call this whole thing off, put you back in suspended animation with those idiot triplets of yours, and head off to Planet Xena for some real fun. Don't think I'm not tempted!"

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