Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jokes Are Horrible

"So these three nuns are walking down the street and a flasher comes up to 'em and flashes 'em."

"What's a flasher?"

"Its a naked guy in a trenchcoat that goes up to people with his trenchcoat closed and then he opens his trenchcoat at the last second and gives them a flash of his naked body."

"Man that's creepy. Is it some kinda stupid gag or something, like mooning people or streaking?"

"Mmn, I dunno, I think its a little more sinister than that."

"So its like sexual assault or something. Do people actually do that kinda thing?"

"Mmm, I dunno, I've never seen anybody do it."

"Then where did you learn about 'em from?"

"I guess it was the dude that told me this joke."

"Ah. Okay, go on."

"Okay, so there's these three nuns walking down the street, and a flasher comes up to 'em and flashes 'em."


"And the first nun has a stroke right there on the spot."

"Okay now this joke is getting kinda sad and disgusting, actually. Dead nuns and sexual predators and all that. Are you sure this is gonna be funny?"

"Hmm, I dunno, but lemme finish."

"Okay, but my grampa had a lot of strokes."

"Okay, so the first nun has a stroke, and the second nun also has a stroke."

"Jeeze looeeze man."

"And the third nun doesn't touch him at all."

"So the funny part of this thing is that you are trying to make me imagine nuns stroking a sexual predator's genitals?"


"Well that's better than them being murdered in the street by some weird sex fetish guy, I guess."

"Uh, yah."

"Not by much though."


"Maybe that's what is supposed to make the joke funny, its like a twist ending where something totally grotesque and horrible happens but it isn't as horrible as what you thought was going to happen, so in comparison, it makes the sexual interactions between nuns and people with creepy sexual issues seem fun and light-hearted."


"Seems kinda like it reinforces the idea that Flasher Sex Fetish Fantasies are okay, too. I bet the guy that made this joke up was a Flasher, or had Nun-Flashing Impulses and fantasies or something. You ever think that maybe it was a cry for help or something?"

"Dude I'm really starting to hate telling jokes heh."

"Yah they're pretty horrible ahaha."

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