Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hey Meatheads

Check this out.

Its cool.

And ignore my typos and brainfarts and stuff if yer gonna read THAT far, the guy don't have a button for me to go back and fix stuff and I sure as hell ain't gonna start using spellcheck before I post my embarrassing machine gun crap heh.

Anyways my brainfarts are so good they usually slide right through spellchecks, y'know, my hands are trying to keep up as fast as they can and I'm not always sure what they're thinking ahaha.

And it takes a lot of energy to write my junk and I need to catch my breath afterwards, I can't just immediately jump right back into things and fix it all!

No, no, its not that I'm lazy and irresponsible and only motivated into some serious text-on-text editing action when I notice something I did that makes me look like a total ass!

Its that I take it as a lesson in humility or something all awesome and enlightened like that.


Plus its just gotta be good for my karma heh.

Okay, that's it, you guys suck, I'm never gonna say anything again!

Yah, not even a little thing!

I'm not even gonna do emotes like *snorts* and say things like "have a nice summer!"

That'll teach ya ahaha.


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