Monday, April 9, 2007

The Tudors Suck

Four star entertainment my ass.

There ain't even one person in the show I can stand, 'cept Sam Neil and that boring humanist guy, and they ain't exactly making me tingle all over, either.

What they need is some kickass loveable shit like Titus Pullo and Vorenus to come over to that second-rate hobo-ass Renaissance Faire clownshow and start hackin' everybody's arms and legs off.

Or get Sam Neil and that humanist guy to do it, that'd work.

That's what it reminds me of, Rome without Titus Pullo and Vorenus and Octavian's Smoking Hot Momma, where we'd have to watch the adventures of that cold blooded reptilian freak they got to replace that Doogie Howser lookin' kid for the part of Octavian.

I don't give a shit if yer frickin' cheapass titillating victorian soft porn bullshit ain't historically accurate heh.

And get some more chicks that look like what's her name, that daughter of the Aerosmith Guy, while yer at it!

Oh don't get yer frilly underthings in a twist, Fontleroy, I'm just kidding, y'know, I could give two shits what you do with that thing at this point and I don't really believe that you could ever fix it even if you did get Titus Pullo and Vorenus soft porning that Aerosmith Daughter in there or whatever, even the scenery makes me wanna cough 'cause all the dusty furniture and purple draperies and shit reminds me of Grandma's House.

Bah, wake me up when MacGuyver comes back to Stargate heh.

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