Sunday, April 22, 2007

Player Versus Everything

They say they're gonna have tie-bombers come and bomb the hell out of abandoned player housing in June.

That was originally my idea, y'know.

Although I wanted to do it myself and not let NPCs have all the fun, back in the days when abandoned houses just sorta decayed and disappeared (and didn't get packed up into your bank all nicey-nicey heh) without anybody getting any enjoyment value out of 'em.

Yah, I called it Players Versus Houses, PvH.

And I thought it'd be the perfect moment to unfurl the firepower of a fully armed and operational AT-AT, towering over the smoldering ruins of all that urban blight like an ancient god of lawnmowers.

'Cause it'd give the guys that stayed with the game a way to physically express their loyalty, it'd be kinda like an Irish Wake, a celebration and affirmation for the living and all that cheesy cult-building crunk heh.

Something a little better than saying "can i have ur stuff" on a forum somewheres.

And who cares, really, when yer junk is just gonna get packed up in yer bank when it looks like it blows up, anyways, right?

I don't even know how many houses fulla stuff I had go poof on me over the years, I know I lost at least four.

Man, the Star Wars forums are exactly as toxic as the UO forums used to be, full of that special brand of toxicity that even the Unholy Zerg of the Blizzard forums can't match for potency, even though they outnumber us by an order of magnitude or something heh.

C'mon, a bunch of you where there, you know what I'm talking about.

Bring back Pre-Casting, bitch, right?

Bring back Pre-Trammel!!!

And they say Sony or Lucasarts or somebody wants to get rid of those guys, but I just don't see it.

I mean, if you really did want to get rid of that crowd, you wouldn't be giving them UO Dread Lord Elder Title Scooby Snacks to keep 'em around, I'm sure everybody could think of a better way to get rid of 'em than that heh.

I think I'd turn off the forums, make all houses lootable, and then flag all the Elders as PvP and add head-shots to the game, or let people on the ground be targetable by people in space so they could nuke 'em from orbit or land on 'em and kill 'em like the witch in the Wizard of Oz or something.

Heck, you could let people in space shoot people on the forums!

Why should people not even playing the game have all the Player Versus Developer fun?

Players Versus Forum Posters, PvFP, aw hellyah, man, where's my ultrahumongous game design award already, I need to kill a spider.

Yah, yah, I'm just kinda kidding (JKK), I actually am a dude from the forums in UO, and I got enough Elder Titles to choke a goat, y'know.

But I remember when JK meant Jedi Knight the Game, and not Just Kidding, it's yet another thing to blame all these teehee cybersex avatar bastards from UO for!

Oh whatever, go Player Versus Yourself.

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