Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Bird of Paradise

Women outnumber men in Real Life, women outnumber men on the Internet, women are the supreme communicators, social networking, in general, is very big with women, females are more likely to use the internet to get things done, rather than to have fun, and women prefer casual games (in this case defined as "computer versions of board, card, and word games").

According to this, anyways.

Yah, its a mix of statistical ass-kissing and cultural propaganda, compliments and pig-tail-pulling, actually.

So basically its somebody trying to get laid.

Well, they say stuff that makes me think that they're trying to get women to like them by acting like a woman, y'know, totally amatuer shit, junk like "women are the supreme communicators," and then they go on to sorta make 'em sound like a bunch of cattle, all boring and easily understood, where Invidualism and Fun is apparently reserved for Men (that's the pig-tail-pulling part).

Yah, see, in that game, I'm trying to get laid by creating a situation where you feel like you need to prove me wrong, y'know, that you can be a woman and not be one of the cattle at the same time.

'Cause there's only one solution to that little word puzzle, and I know you ladies just love those little word games heh.

Here, let me put on some romantic music ahaha.

Yah, that's a really old one, most of us won't even touch that shit with a ten foot pole.

Okay, sorry, for the suggestive imagery, that's another old trick heh.

I can't help it, y'know, I'm a rare and colorful Bird of Paradise, baby, all exotic and shit, and yer just another boring little brown bird ahaha.

And why would I need to concentrate my energies on anything but sensuality and romantic tricks, when yer into all that cleaning up and changing diapers and solving boring puzzles and being effective survival shit.

That's your bag, baby.

So, what's for dinner?

I'm mighty hungry after all this "communicating."

Ugh, not that again.

Cooking is supposed to be an art, baby.

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