Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Sanford and Son Championships

What do ya call it when folks make all sorts of weird noises and stuff to imitate the way music sounds?

Well, whatever that's called, Ex-bouncer and me got this thing we do where we start imitating the Sanford and Son Themesong together, and then we start trying to out-do the other one at it, y'know, taking it all serious and being professionally competitive and totally over-the-top catty-about-it and shit with bizarre hand gestures and crazy fake musical-ecstasy facial expressions and everything.

I always lose that game 'cause I can't even do it for a few seconds without laughing.

I think I'd do better if we did something easier, y'know?

I dunno, like Barney Miller or something.

Yah, yah, okay, I'd still lose my ass off, no doubt about it ahaha.

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Sonia said...

LOL! You remember me of myself. When I try to tell a really funny joke, as I build up to the punchline, I'm laughing more and more, so my friends are laughing at me laughing, more than they are laughing at the joke.