Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So I'm playing Star Wars Galaxies.

Had to start over again from the beginning to re-remember how the hell to play the game, didn't wanna wreck all my expensive junk like some dude that just bought an account on ebay or something heh.

Yah, I've played since the beginning on and off, and mastered every version of it, was a master weaponsmith when the game first came out, and then a bounty hunter and a jedi and blah blah blah, so its even harder for me to remember how yer supposed to play it 'cause I can remember all these different ways to do everything.

But all my big phatty mansions and stuff were still there, exactly how I left 'em, minus all the junk I left in my vendors, which I'm used to losing after all these years.

Everything seems to be pretty much the same as it was when I left last time, 'cept now they added a WoW-like achievement point system that looks pretty cool but I'm afraid to mess with it.

And I guess they fixed some of the bugs that were stopping me in my tracks back in the day, like not being able to switch to a different space faction.

And I got all my old maxed-out dudes sitting there on the sidelines still, in case I can ever remember enough about whatever the hell they were doing when I quit playing them last time to know what they're supposed to be doing next before I quit again this time heh.

Yah, fat chance of that happening.

I made me a wanna-be-boba 'cause that's "okay to play" for some reason in this Star Wars Game Where Everybody Hates Jedi But Still Plays One heh.

Yah I don't wanna upset all the jedi standing around the star port trying to sell me stuff by making another jedi but I'll be damned if I'm gonna be a moisture farmer just to make those self-hating dweebs less unhappy ahaha.

They still got that convoluted Crazy-Oldbie-Only crafting and resource system, where you gotta wait three months sometimes to get something you need to make something good, man, that thing is so much ass.

And they ain't combined crafting into the adventuring classes, so that's still worse than it was in the Pre-Cu thing, where adventurers ran harvesters while they were out killing stuff, and you could buy resources from them, insteada yer competition.

And you still got two characters per server, insteada just one, or, y'know, five or eight or ten like every other game you could play ahaha.

And lightsaber crystals are still all weird,y'know, like blue lightsaber crystals do ICE DAMAGE, and good jedi use darkside powers like force lightning and force choke and stuff, and you still gotta be an imp pilot at first to get yer jedi starfighter, and I'm pretty sure you still need to collect stamps as a Trader to build the Boba Fett Ship, even though every police force in the game uses 'em and they ain't nothing special.

But space is still kickass, y'know.

I mean, there really ain't nothing like slipping behind the wheel of a tie-fighter or an x-wing again, I really do build up a serious jones fer that.

And I like the NGE-style fighting stuff in the ground game too, the old doctor-buff-imprisoned-in-composite-robocop-armor system really bored me to tears, even though I was a kungfu-robocop-doctor.

Plus they jacked up the loot or something, and even though its still all mostly worthless to a low-level dude compared to the quest rewards, the occasional Hot Pink Blouse of Camouflage is fun to look at before you junk it for money and it keeps things interesting while yer out hunting and doing quests and crap.

And they're dishing out tons of paintings (house furnishing stuff, which is always a good trick to remember) in that newbie tutorial thingie, Tansarii Station or whatever its called, I got me a ton of that crap.

So its all good, y'know.

At least 'till I feel like I need to craft something heh.

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RickR said...

Welcome back to SWG :)