Saturday, April 21, 2007

Be the Dork

Don't be afraid to just step up and be the dork.

Being one of these cowardly wallflowers that waste their whole lives pretending they're serious scientists with a clipboard studying the rest of us is actually the default.

Plus, dorky chicks are top-of-the-line, y'know, they're like the Extreme Sports of the biological world, and they come flying atcha with the kungfu on all eleven dimensions at the same time.

Yah, you probably can't even handle high performance shit like that, you ain't got enough experience, you ain't rugged enough, juss lookit what hiding behind the curtains all yer life has done to yer soft little hands, man, they're like creepy little baby hands.

Yah, you'd probably screw up and make a mistake and that junk would melt your tender nervous system in like two seconds and then everybody would stand over your smoldering corpse and cackle and say stuff like "what a dork that guy was!" and "I never knew a dork could create so much smoke!"

So mebbe you should just hang back here and take notes or something while I'll scout ahead for danger and stuff.

Yah, these chicks prolly don't measure up to your high standards anyway, better to wait and save up all your energy for that perfect one that'll come along eventually.

Yah, sure, and then you can pounce on her like one of those thingies that waits around forever and pounces on stuff, y'know, I'm sure desperation will eventually breed some kinda awkward Big Headed Alien flailing ferocity that'll make up for your complete detachment from reality and your lack of instincts and training.

Seriously, the only reason I can stand to hang around all these "low quality" people is 'cause I'm not as highly evolved as you are and my appendix still works.

They even got all sorts of diseases and stuff, man.

Yah, that junk'll kill ya.

Yah, so, y'know, yer better off hanging out back here where its safe, a guy of your rare quality is far too valuable to risk on a bunch of dangerous rabble like this when they might invent an immortality serum any day now that'll let you wait around and study everybody else forever, right?

Okay, okay, you can come with, but follow my lead, and don't stare at anybody like that, I don't want you scaring 'em off with that shit.

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