Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SWG Guide to the Dark Side

I realized that I messed up, y'know, 'cause I was level ten when I got out of the tutorial in SWG, see.

And so I missed out on the Mos Eisley Mayor's Quests where you get the Key to the City Badge (and a couple quick-and-relatively-entertaining levels of experience points in a game that's gonna eventually force you to kill grauls non-stop for two-hours-per-level for twenty-five of your ninety levels on the ole Purple Caveman Planet 'cause there ain't no quests to do for certain ranges in SWG).

Yah, see, you can only get those Mos Eisley Mayor quests if you are level nine or less when you get dumped out of the tutorial.

Its just one of those things you should know, y'know, as a newbie.

But its no biggie to an old SWG veteran like myself, 'cause I've been professionally trained to delete all my characters over and over again in one way or another.

So I decided to just delete my guy and start over and do it right.

So I did.

And I got the Mayor's Quests.

And I was on the last one where you beat the hell out of Sand People.

And its bugged, you end up being ping-ponged between two npcs who both think you ought to be talking to the other guy.

Yah, and so you get stuck in a way where you can't proceed through the rest of the Legacy Quest, and you can't delete the quest and restart it or fix it by logging out or anything, and apparently the CSRs can't help you with it, and its been that way since December of last year (it was broke in other ways before that heh).

And the solution is to delete your character and start over and make sure you are at least level ten before you leave the tutorial, you dummass newb.

Hahaha I sense much anger in you.

Just remember, anger leads to dancing.

And dancing leads to the dark side.

Actually they definitely fixed up the Legacy quest stuff a bit, they yanked most of the "run back and forth between these two things" stuff that was super annoying and they added speeder bike races and more junk to read in the little computer terminals and stuff, which is pretty cool, if you can get that far heh.

And entertainer buffs are all totally awesome and basically mandatory again, which is sorta good and sorta bad, 'cause there's a lot of us that can't stand the idea of being forced to kiss the ass of a character class designed around Nightelfs who love to dance in the newbie yard in WoW and junk.

But what ya gonna do, y'know.

At least the Entertainers in SWG are all nice and they don't make it horrible for you by sticking their crotch in your face and doing the "farts on your head" emote whenever you sit down, y'know, like I would if I were one of 'em.

"Woooo doggie! Now my chaps are flappin!" *whipcrack*

Oh, and now the latest stuff on test center is raising a fury 'cause it made all the npcs tougher.

To force more grouping, I guess, so the game can be more popular.

Y'know, so it can be like all the other super popular games.

Y'know, like Vanguard.

Which is nice, if you got some bored level 90 guys who don't need to leave town and work at the factory, 'cause they're making it harder for anybody to follow in your tracks heh.

And now those twenty-five levels of mind-destroying graul-killing monotony will really mean something ahaha.

A million years ago, Sunsword (or mebbe it was tOAD) told me there was a name for the points in a game where a player might think about quitting instead of doing whatever the hell you are asking him to do.

I could never 'member what he called 'em, but I know he said you should try to avoid those things.

Or at least smooth them over as best you can.

Yah, I'm not sure if he's right or not, y'know, 'cause nobody tried it yet heh.

But its something to think about ahaha.

"Hmm, do I really wanna rubber-band around in the urban blight of the desert and shop for all these cheesy little player-interdependence-inspired buffpacks I need to grind super-powered mongbats?"

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