Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bread Without Circuses

Its kinda funny how my cable internet company is trying to sell me cable phone service when I call in on a regular-ole RELIABLE phone service that actually works to report that my cable tv and internet service ISN'T WORKING AGAIN.

Yah, why don't you sign me up for that cable phone service you got, SO I CAN'T EVEN CALL YOU WHEN MY CABLE TV AND INTERNET GOES OUT, WHICH IS LIKE ALL THE TIME, MAN.

Right now my modem is spending about fifteen to forty-five minutes of every hour "taking a breather."

Which is the ONLY REASON I even BOTHERED to try watching TV, y'know, 'cause TV is BOTTOM OF THE BARREL, BABY.


So now I guess I'm down to breaking out the old acoustic guitar and singing Paul Simon songs on my balcony.


Or mebbe I'll just cut the ass out of my pants and go straight to killing people for gasoline.


Sundry Chicken said...

Imagine Paul Simon driving the tanker truck full of dirt.

Then imagine John Williams as the wing-man in the trench taking it for the team as Luke lines up on the exhaust port.

Then imagine them dueling it out ala the Gorn and Kirk, constructing improvised weapons and engaging in hero combat to decide the fate of their fellow men. Makes me think that perhaps there is hope for mankind after all. Though it never will explain French Toast.

Sonia said...

LOL! Those phone/Internet/cable companies are annoying. They call us like 7 times a year to offer their latest promotions. Urrgghhh! I don't even answer the phone anymore when it's a confidential number or a 1-800 number. I'm so fed up with people trying to sell me something.