Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dwarven Horses 4 Sale

I want to have a bunch of houses and elf-bread factories and mithril mining operations in Lord-of-the Rings Land.

I want to build my own city right outside of that place with the halflings where the newbies show up.

I'll name it after my guild, "-->TPWN Infintie Power (Dwarfish Shadowfaxes 4 Sale! LOWERST PRICES!!!) OGI812<--"

I want to be a Polearm User.

I want to be the mayor and collect taxes.

I want to work in my own Walmart because retail economics is absolutely fascinating to me.

I want to have some sort of flashing neon intergalactic waypoint-emailing palantir advertising system to attract customers to my vendors.

And I need to be able to hang around the harbor and advertise my wares afk, but I can take care of most of that myself.

I want to be a doctor with expensive leech treatments and buffs.

I want to be a afk-macro-dancing-rockstar who never has to leave the Prancing Pony with the power to reduce everybody else's experience point gain and survivability by fifteen percent if they don't want to watch my dancing and give me a good tip.

Barbaric savages with no taste for fine art!

Go back to WoW!

And I don't want to hear about any of that stupid Tolkien Lore crap, either!

But Nazghuls should be rare.

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Sundry Chicken said...

I want to be THE Toby of Old Toby, bling out my chestpiece with Large Brilliant Shards and beat down haterz with Wirt's Leg... all from within a web2.0 mashup mmporg uberleetz UI.

Before breakfast.

Then it's back to King's Quest II til lunch.