Saturday, March 29, 2008

Twisted Sister

There are secrets that only Rifter Pilots know.

News that you can only get lowriding around in a radioactive hotrod out in the boonies of space.

The hills have eyes of space, they are the eyes!

There's lke an up-and-down to space in Eve Online, your ship is a boat that rights itselfs it against some surface below it, there's a vast sea floor to the ocean of space, and there's islands in the clouds of space.

That's Star Trek style where spaceships are like boats, y'know, with the gravity plane in the "floor" of the Enterprise Flying Saucer, instead of perpenticular to the plane of the thrust of its engines, which is Rocket Style, and not Viper Style freefalling bumblebees of death like the ships from Descent that could move just as fast up and down and sideways as they could move forward without boosters heh.

You know how they show the Enterprise flying sideways to the equator of a planet, instead of like, sitting on top of the planet, what's all that about, what's the explantion for that ahaha.

No ones head should be above king's head! I am King! Hands On Hips Yul Brynner Style.

Hey! Don't sit on our planet with your flying saucer like that! That isn't dignified! You gotta fly sideways! AHAHA.

And then there's George Lucas Swooping Airplanes in Space let's not even get into that.

Just because space lets you move any which way doesn't mean we have to make the controls sucky, we can have different control schemes to govern things, that's like saying that every RPG game has to have sucky combat 0r that being able to to turn your head is a weakness ahaha.

I like the way that they make it Roleplayeringly with the nanobots for explanations for things in Eve.

If you got Warp Drive you might as well have droneships and nanobots heh.

Nanobots are like the Science Guy's version of the Force and Gandalfs Magic and eveything ahaha.

Few more minutes and the servers should be up.

I hate how I gotta train some social skills to get the money to buy the skills I need to know to buy and use the quipment that will allow me to fight better and make more money heh.

Oh man and those learning skills forget that that can wait for later when I've maxed out my speed and guns and money making machine ahaha.

I gotta try this medium passive shield thingie, and 150mm autos insteada the 200mm ones I'm using, but I run an AB full time 'cause I dont use cap for anything 'cept fixing my shields between waves, I can't run my shield booster full time but I dont usually need to run it much once I get in close.

I'm at something like 780m/s in orbit at 1.6k or something, I can and kill things as fast as I can lock on to them, I'm training to be able to target more things at once so I can kill faster too.

With the close range thing the nicest thing is the loot dispersal is tight heh.

I done the long range speed superiority sniper control freak artillery route too but those guns shoot so slow man it gets really boring waiting for them to finish something off, especially if they have to melt a base or something, oh man, that's painful pew wait for it.... pew wait for it... pew ahaha.

I got nanofibers in my junkyard dog to make it lighter.

Loot dispersal tight no defense Night Rider style hah.

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